Mayaonic Calendar Calculator 3.0

Mayaonic Calendar Calculator 3.0

Free It counts down the date when a certain event is supposed to take place
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The world ends on December 21, 2012? No way! With the Mayaonic Calendar Calculator you can count down the end to another date. The Mayonic Calendar Calculator combines the Mayan Calendar Tzolkin count with the Mayan Great Cycle calendar end October 28th, 2011, rather that with the archaeological date of December 21st, 2012. They Mayonics program's start date is = 6/17/3115 B.C., and it's end date is = 10/28/2011 A.D., marking the end of the current thirteen baktun cycle, according the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. After each cycle of 13 baktuns, in ancient Mayan tradition, the numbers of the days and years reset, returning to zero, marking the beginning of the period of a higher order of time, or, new age in the development of mankind. Check the program, you will be amazed!

When the program launches, its interface displays the current date and the remaining days or kin, until the end of the current 13-bactun cycle and the elapsed days. At the bottom of the interface, the Tzolkin Day section displays the energy of the day according to the Tzolkin 260 day calendar. For example, the date on the screenshot displays 13 Men. A number and a glyph mark each Tzolkin day’s energy. In this case, Men is the Mayan glyph for Eagle, meaning the energy of people born on that day will be independent, ambitious and escapist. Unchecking the 'Auto Calculate' feature will clear the display and you can enter any date you are interested in, a birth date, for example, or the date of a major event and clicking the 'Calculate' feature will display the Tzolkin energy results for that day. The help file included with the program explains the numbering system of the Long Count calendar, and clicking the 'Internet' button featured provides links to further resources.

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